söndag 4 augusti 2013

Photos for June

Here´s all the photos for June:

 Day 1:
Meeting my sis...

Day 2:
New trainers!!!

Day 3:
I love when this blooms in our garden!

Day 5:
Having a school day like in old times

Day 6:
Using my new runner´s pants I got from DS for my birthday

Day 7:
Time for a new passport

Day 8:
This is good

Day 9:
Brushing the doggies teeth

Day 10:

Day 11:
Last day of school - home at a co-worker who´s retiring

Day 12:
My lovely teapot I got from my DD for my birthday

Day 13:
It´s starting to get close to our trip now!

Day 14:
Lots of goodies in the mail

Day 15-1:
This is fab!!!! Hanging out with all the girls at Reprint! <3

Day 15-2:
Enjoying good food and drinks with the gang

Day 16:
A yummy bag of fun!

Day 17:
Feeling pretty

Day 18-1
Finally on our way to London!

Day 18-2:
Early at the airport

Day 18-3:
Woohoo! First beer in London

Day 19-1:
It feels sooo good to be here!!!

Day 19-2:
Sweet hubby

Day 20-1
Out and about

Day 20-2:
Enjoying a break at Starbucks

Day 20-3:
Midsummer hotel style

Day 21-1:
Time for a little break

Day 21-2:
Awesome sweater for DS!

Day 22:
Sporting my new jacket

Day 23:
Yikes!!!! Too much luggage!!!

Day 24:
Home again - watching ANTM

Day 25:

Day 26:

Day 27:
...and more tea....

Day 28:
Barbecuing on our new grill:

Day 29:
A creative mess

Day 30:
These are my guilty pleasures

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