söndag 4 augusti 2013

Pics for 1-18 July

Day 1:
Strawberries and a new book (I bought in London) really makes my day

Day 2:
Lazy day

Day 3:
Me and my new shades:

Day 4:
Roadtrip to Ullared with DD!!! Having such a good time together!

Day 5:
For a photo challenge

Day 6:
Enjoying some homemade Pimm´s

Day 7:
The dog is bored

Day 8:
Love being outside and scrap

Day 9:
Aaaaah, vacation!

Day 10:

Day 11:
More scrapping - now for the Formex show:

Day 12:
Soaking up the sun

Day 13:
Wonderful day with hubs to Lidköping

Day 14:
Homemade bread

Day 15:
Goofing around!

Day 16- 1:
Yay our first homegrown gherkin!

Day 16-2:
These are the days

Day 17:
Yep, me - again...

Day 18:
Baking for DD:s birthday celebration. Making foccacia bread.

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